Landon with local farmers

Landon with local farmers

Sunday, March 10, 2013

100 degrees and my feet don't sweat

Dear.... Everyone! 
So just so you all know, I keep forgetting to mention this but there is no ATM for our credit cards anywhere in our Zone. The closest one is 3 hours away in the closest Zone to us. So every two weeks, we have to hop on a bus and ride over here to withdraw money. President Lopez gives us special permission to stay here for the P-day and do all of our shopping and P-day activities. The city is called Kabankalan. It is right in the middle of our area that I am in now. But, it does have a huge mall in it. So we email, shop for food, print pictures, eat lunch, and do all that kind of stuff here. It is pretty nice even though this shop has sketchy email. Oh well. I think it is ok right now. 
I thought it was hot in my last area. But because I am farther south now, it got even hotter. I looked at my thermometer the other day, and it was 100 F -not including humidity. Holy smokes! I felt like I was gonna die the other day. Actually, President Lopez sent a text out to all of the companionships in the mission and told us "Elders, even though it is fast Sunday right now, I want you all to drink water. That might sound odd, but with the work you are all out doing, in this heat, I need you all to be drinking water." Haha so we hopped all over that. But yes, it is super hot. I want to see Gavin or Gabrielle assigned here in a mission like this. I even sweat through my shirts. But, want to hear something funny? I have not had a problem with my feet since I got out here in the field.... Not a bit. My feet don't even sweat. My socks are always dry. It is so hard to explain and I don't understand it. But, I see it as a blessing!
Siplay Zone Conference
We do have Zone Conference this Wednesday and Thursday. And.... it’s a 6 hour bus ride! Stoked for that let me tell ya... Not! I wish we had a car... but I guess a bus that stops every 50 feet will have to do. I was asked by President Lopez himself to sing a duet with another Elder in my Zone as well. “Special musical number”... yikes! I love to sing and all but I have never done more than ONE note by myself in front of people... If anyone that reads this remembers "I need somebody to love" in Extreme Choir last year... now that was a memory. But, we are singing’Secret Prayer’. Maybe Sister Lopez can record it instead of taking pictures so you all can hear and see. I will ask, but no promises. Don't ask me to sing at home. I am shy.

Filipino village
I had an interesting experience this past week. We found a kid that is 19 that wants to listen to us. He told us to come back on Saturday at 1. He gave us his name and ‘address’. So my companion and I go back there and try to find him. We call it "hunting" here in our mission. Since nobody here has a set address. You just have to ask around to find people-- it is a load of fun! So we find the area he is supposed to be in, and his friend, relative, or parent told ME to get lost, that they are Iglesia Ni Cristo and want nothing to do with us. Anyway, they have churches in like every part of the Philippines. They just barely built one in our area actually. It's built like a temple to be honest. They are so mean to us, too. They teach their members that The Mormon church is the most incorrect church. They all act like they HATE us. How can you hate a short Filipino kid, a tall white American, wearing shirts and ties, while smiling and 
SINGING HYMNS OF GOD? I will never understand. But yes, we continue to go and teach.
Investigators! So… this week kind of stunk. Remember L and M? They were not home at all this week -work, or just plain not home. It stunk. So we weren't able to teach them really at all. BUT! We did teach Brother FM -the one with the sad situation. He is progressing really well. We taught him last on Friday last week. Before we left, we made sure to commit him to come to church. He told us that his "partner" wouldn't be home this Sunday. She is a member and has helped Felipe so much. We were expecting him to say that he wouldn't be able to come because she wasn't home. BUT! He then proceeded to say that he would come BY HIMSELF! How cool is that?  And he did come! Oh man, were we ever happy about that. He has come so far in the short time that I have been here in this area. I love that man. As far as other investigators, the other one, Sister B moved without telling us. So now we have to go find her again. She moved within our area, so we just go "hunting" again in order to find her. More on that next week!
Elder "I" and Elder Garner
(knowing that his mother would see
this photo on Pres. Lopez' FaceBook page,
Landon is showing me that, yes,
he IS DRINKING LOTS of water)
As far as my companionship goes, we are still awesome. I love Elder I. He is so cool! And, so helpful! Plus, we decided to start reading the Cebuano Book of Mormon, too along with the Ilonggo one. So he is teaching me two languages at once! -Something else cool, I am getting used to hearing the languages now, so even when someone is talking in Tagalog or Cebuano to me, I can understand most of what they are saying, and respond in Ilonggo! Now I want to learn those two languages. I am going to come home having learned 1 language with 2 dialects under it. That is my goal! I already got a Book of Mormon in all three languages. I want to learn more! It is awesome. As time goes on, the better I will get!

That is all I have this week. More on this week, next week! I love you all so much! -Until next week everyone. 

Love From The Philippines!
-Elder Garner

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