Landon with local farmers

Landon with local farmers

Sunday, May 19, 2013 a dad would care for his child


Hey all! How is everyone today (or tonight for you all I guess)?
So this week was kinda really boring. Haha in fact, there was two days where we didn't even get to work. At all. Elder Inlayo woke up one morning and couldn't walk like at all. He was in some serious pain. We still have no idea how he did it. He just did... It was weird. We talked to the mission doctor Sister Chin and she told us that since he and I are too far away south from any type of doctor, to just stay home and ice it on and off and take medicine. Luckily for him, I had bought ice a few days earlier, I had zip lock bags from nana and papa, and Ibuprofen from my family. Haha he was all set because he had none of that stuff at all. I pretty much just played doctor for a few days. We would ice his foot for 20 minutes, then take it off for 10. Did that for about 2 days straight. It was a lot of ice, but it worked and did the trick he needed. We finally got out and worked. He was able to endure the pain, but it was still hard to move for him. We just took it slow and stuck around the house for the next 2 days after that. Things happen, I was patient and just did what he needed. Haha I felt like he was a child in a way though. Like the way a dad would take care of his children. He is a great Elder though. I love him to death and this transfer was awesome (ends next week). So ya I was happy to help him out and let him rest up since he had WWII going on inside his body.

2 quick things! First off, we found a house. Last P-day after we emailed actually. I had an idea to go to City Hall and ask them for a list of houses. Genius right? They actually had one house left! I wish I could show you pictures of it, but I am still working on that part to send over email. No luck. BUT! The Adams Couple came and looked at the house to make sure that it would be worth living in. The Church will only pay for the rent if it is 8000 pesos or less. We got it for 5000. But in order to get the final say, we need one persons permission. Yup. You guessed it, President Lopez. So the Couple took pictures of everything to show him to save him a 4 hour car ride down here. If he says its ok, he will let us move out.. when there is time. 
Second! Due to my companions own battle with himself, we were not able to go on exchanges last week. So we have 3 consecutive days of exchanges this week. Tomorrow I will be in Sipalay with Elder Mabual. He is brand new this transfer. From... Laog I believe. The highest point in the Philippines. Then we will all meet and switch back on Wednesday, then we will meet with the Zone Leaders from Inayuan. I will go back to my area with one of them. Elder... I don't know how to spell his name. Its long. And Tongan. Like Matutatea or something like that. More on that next week! Gonna be an adventure for sure. 

We also had a Philippines Wide Area Broadcast for all the Districts, and Stakes in the Philippines yesterday. It was broadcasted straight from Salt Lake. Elder Hales presided, and Elder Holland was a speak. So was Sister Cook, and Elder David F. Evans of the Seventy. It was way good! I feel bad though. It wasn't translated in any of the Filipino languages, so we are not sure how much of it they District understood. You know how Elder Holland is! He used so many big words that my companion and I KNEW for a fact they didn't get. You know what I mean?? But I got everything though. Haha of course. I think I was the only one besides my companion. They all talked about things that these Districts need to do in order to become a stake, and to never give up. Elder Hales talked mostly about Tithing too. Haha it was a lot, but for me, I get everything they spoke about.
Lastly, our investigators. We finally taught Larry and Miles yesterday! We found them at a better time to teach them. Miles has been reading the Book of Mormon even though we can never find a good time to teach them! How great is that?! We were so happy. She started the Book of Mormon over like a week and a half ago, and now is in 2 Nephi! Cool stuff indeed. :) We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and kind of ended the lesson when we start talking about "why we are here on earth" just cause the whole lesson all at once would confuse them to death.

Next, WE FOUND SISTER BAYLON! She lives so far away now though. I mean holy smokes. Far away enough that we can only teach her once a week. We don't have any other reason to go out to that place except for her. That is how far away it is. President Lopez told us to just stick to the 10 pesos a person ride thing. Where she lives, it is 35 pesos a person. SO... ya. Once a week! Lastly, Brother Mondiola. He came to the broadcast yesterday with his "partner" Sister Daisy. I don't think he understood a thing that was said.. I hope the spirit taught him something though. Elder Inlayo and Elder Torres (from Sipalay) will follow up with him tomorrow.
Anyways, that was my week! I will update you again next week! Last P-day of the transfer! Time sure does fly. I love all of you so much! Have a fantastic week everyone! Be safe! The Lord is with all of you!

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