Landon with local farmers

Landon with local farmers

Sunday, May 19, 2013

No effort is wasted


So this week was incredibly boring in a few ways. There was a fiesta this whole last
 week so like no one was home. Its called the Huba Huba festival. I have no idea 
what that means, but all I needed to know is every single house that we went to, 
there was nobody home at all. Kept getting responses like "oh the person 
you are looking for is at the festival!"  Haha so we just just kinda drooped our 
heads, and walked to the next house only to find the same thing. Sad thing is, 
the festival is a two week deal. There are booths everywhere loaded with stuff!
Food ! Bags!  Jewelry!  Clothes!  TV's!  Movies!  Music!  And anything else you
can find at Wal-Mart really. Only in the Philippines. Gotta love it!

Also, elections for this part of the island are this upcoming May 13th. So its pretty
close. Can I just say that people here are so gung-ho about elections?  Elder 
Newton and I just cannot catch a break over here. I say that, because three 
of our investigators are involved in the race in some way or another, so no one 
is home. I texted President Lopez about the matter and he told me "Elders,
I am glad to hear that you are having a hard time in your area. Struggling is what 
makes the best Elders! Just push through and keep going. No effort is wasted." 
I just read that and was like... "well, I  guess whatever he says goes!" Can't argue 
with that. He does have a good point though. I guess just like half way through
the week Elder Newton and I just felt so down cause we weren't getting a whole
ton of lessons and a lot of people were not receiving us and listening to us. It 
was like a lot a verbal "door slams" to be short. Because really, there are not 
any doors to really slam down here.. Hahaha.  But ya you all get the point. 
President Lopez is right! If this wasn't hard, this would not be missionary work. 
And to be honest, it probably would not feel quite the same to me. Guess
 the only thing I can say is, ONWARD! 

As far as our investigators goes, we have made no luck with L & M. They 
still are pretty dead set on not committing to a date to be baptized. They accept 
our invitation, just not a date. We keep going back to their house almost everyday,
but they won't budge at all.  Maybe its just not their time? That is what I thought 
until L asked us yesterday "what is not allowed in your church if we get 
baptized?" So... hopefully after we teach the Word of Wisdom, he will have 
more questions that will help him open up more. Guess we will just see! We
also have J too. I think I have mentioned her a few times. She comes to
church everyweek, reads every day, and even goes to youth conferences with
our youth here. I guess ithelps that her step sister has been a member for a
year. So we have an automatic fellow shipper for her right there. She has been
taught the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. She is one of those investigators
that will be baptized while I am still here in Hinoba-an. She is all ready. 

Well, sad to say it but that is all I have for this week. Hopefully this next week picks up 
but honestly, I doubt it. Stinking elections and festival. 

Oh well. NO EFFORT IS WASTED!   No better way to end than that! 

Rey.  "The best branch missionary -- ever".
 He left for his mission to Africa last week.

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