Landon with local farmers

Landon with local farmers

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chicken on a leash...?

Hey all! 

So this last week was pretty crazy. 

I got my first real taste of visiting every single less active in our area. And 90% of them I had no idea where they lived, or who they were at all. But we visited all of them, got to know them, set appointments to come back THIS week, and invited them back to church. And guess what? Wouldn't you know it, some of them did! Without a full lesson even. It’s kind of cool what a friendly visit from the missionaries can do to people! It was like "ya hey, we didn’t forget about you! We still love and care for you so come back!" type of thing --with a smile of course. 

With one of those less actives, they had a ton of chickens, like so much. My companion asked to buy one, and they said sure! So, yes, we walked home with a live chicken- literally on a leash.  I asked "what are we supposed to do with him? We can’t have pets…" And my companion said "I know bro, I am going to kill and cook it tomorrow for our lunch" Kind of gruesome but way cool to experience in a way. Only in the Philippines right?!?! We then ate it a few hours later for lunch… kind of odd thinking that a few hours earlier that bird was squawking and then it's in our stomachs. BOOM!

So I had Zone Nurse training last week, and it was cool and all, but let me tell ya, most of the stuff he told us, I already knew honestly. I am not in any means trying to brag. I just knew all that stuff from hearing mom or Heather tell me. I guess that’s what I get for dating a girl and having a mom who both love medical stuff and either have or soon will have professions in that field. But, I still took notes though! Don’t worry.

Oh, and yesterday we were out teaching and there was a basketball tournament going on in that same neighborhood we were in which made me miss competitive basketball so much by the way! Goodness. Anyway, while they were playing I saw chickens, dogs, cats, and caribou (water buffalo-like a giant cow) on the court while they were playing! Again, only in the Philippines! Man…plus basketball isn’t the same here as in America. All they do is cherry pick here. Seriously, it bothers me so much! No defense. All lay ups because they cherry pick. Basketball is so different here – can’t wait to play indoors again someday! In due time I know...

Anyway that was my week! Pretty exciting, right?! Oh, few reminders. Send me a USB and SD card, and Lubriderm Lotion in your next package, and yes those books are fine, the Jeffery R. Holland ones. I just can’t read them during study time, which I won’t. I did get your Thanksgiving package by the way! Thank you so much! I really loved it. I decided also that I will bring home gifts for everyone for birthdays and Christmases that I am missing. It will be cheaper that way anyway. Is that ok? I am sending home a letter for you all and Heather though. These letters will be extra special so I am excited for you to get them around Christmas time. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do for me. I look forward to hearing from you in the future! :) Have a great week all of you! 

Elder Garner

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